Alternatives for Further Study

This alternative will have no planned construction; US 101 will continue on its existing alignment. Regular maintenance and operations will continue, with emergency restoration projects as needed. Current annual maintenance costs of $2 million with a projected cost of approximately $26 million by 2034. Engineering solutions, such as retaining walls, have not been able to provide long-term stability and will continue to be necessary to provide an adequate highway facility. As the landslide moves slowly, the road will require costly repairs and maintenance with potential environmental impacts including old-growth redwood impacts associated with minor retreats to keep the roadway open. A future slide might occur that is deep enough and large enough that it could result in a major failure of the roadway and complete closure of the roadway for an unknown period of time. A major failure would have economic impacts and require a significant detour as outlined in the Economic Impact Study. Some potential options closest to the existing alignment include a retreat upslope that could require taking more than 100 old-growth trees.

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